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Tipasa videos

Find all available training videos on Tipasa.

Borrowing and Lending

Borrower: Print book straps/stickers and return labels

Run time: 10:21

This video shows how to print book straps or stickers and return labels (5:35 in video) when you're the borrowing library.

Lender: Print book straps/stickers and shipping labels

Run time: 8:50

This video shows how to print book straps or stickers, and shipping labels (5:10 in video), when you're the lending library.



Print ILL requests

Run time: 7:46

This video shows how to print full requests.


Requests: Expired, overdue, or unfilled

Run time: 11:29

This video covers the procedures for ILL requests with the status of expired, overdue, or unfilled.



Basics of deflections

Run time: 10:54

This video provides an overview on the types of ILL deflections and how you can set up deflections for items your library does not loan through ILL, including supplier status.


Creating constant data

Run time: 8:37

This video shows how to create, edit and maintain constant data records in OCLC Service Configuration for accuracy and efficiency in ILL borrowing and lending.


Custom Holdings for interlibrary loan

Run time: 13:14

Learn how to create and edit custom holdings groups and custom holdings paths then apply them to your interlibrary loan requests. Custom holdings are the group(s) of your preferred lending libraries that you can apply to your ILL requests for the system to automatically add then to the lender string on your ILL requests, thus saving you time when processing those requests.


Deflecting All Electronic Items

Run time: 5:45

This video shows how to create deflection policies for all electronic items, reviews the impact it has on requests, and shows where to review statistics on requests deflected.


Deflecting knowledge base collections

Run time: 5:39

This video reviews the steps necessary to deflect requests based on E-Licensing terms which restrict ILL.


Establish ILL Policies in OCLC Policies Directory

Run time: 22:47

Libraries using OCLC interlibrary loan services will learn how to set up and/or edit policies in OCLC Policies Directory.



OCLC IFM - Interlibrary Loan Fee Management

Run time: 7:37

This video provides an overview of IFM and how borrowing and lending libraries can configure IFM as payment method.