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RapidILL Overview

Find an overview of the RapidILL workflow in Tipasa.

When a library with RapidILL enabled creates a request in Tipasa with RAPID in the lender string, a new request in RapidILL is created. RapidILL tries the request with one lender at a time, selected from a pod, or group of libraries. If one of those lenders is also using Tipasa, a new lending request will be generated in Tipasa to reflect the RapidILL request. In this way, RapidILL requests differ from other ILL requests. For all other OCLC requests, the Tipasa borrower and lender will share the same request ID, but with RapidILL requests, even if the borrower and lender are both Tipasa users, they will each have a different request ID. The reference ID is used to map the Tipasa request to the RapidILL request. 

Image representing how the Tipasa integration with RapidILL functions