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RapidILL (OCLC symbol RAPID) is a service that allows Tipasa libraries with a subscription to RapidILL to submit and respond to copy requests through RapidILL from within the Tipasa interface.
  • RapidILL Overview
    Find an overview of the RapidILL workflow in Tipasa.
  • Manage borrowing requests
    Find information about sending borrowing requests to RapidILL in Tipasa, as well as information about RapidILL holdings.
  • Manage lending requests
    Learn how to fulfill, decline, resend, and close a RapidILL request in Tipasa.
  • Set up RapidILL
    Learn how to set up RapidILL in Tipasa using OCLC Service Configuration and your RapidILL account and find information about disabling RapidILL.