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Create a Tipasa account

If you already use WorldShare Management Services, WorldShare Collection Manager, or WorldShare License Manager, you have an existing OCLC Services account that gives you access to several services in the WorldShare platform. Before you log on to Tipasa for the first time, you will need to work with someone at your institution who has administrative rights to add Tipasa permissions to your account. If you need assistance, contact OCLC Support in your region.

If you have a 9-digit ILL authorization number and password but do not have an OCLC Services account in the WorldShare platform, follow the steps below.

Create an account

 Note: If you are a user outside the United States, your account process differs.

If you have neither a 9-digit ILL authorization number and password nor an OCLC Services account in the WorldShare platform, contact OCLC Support in your region.

Visit the OCLC Services account page ( Click on the Create account button and follow the prompts.


  1. Enter your Authorization 
    • Type your 9-digit number and password. Example: 100-XXX-XXX (type with or without dashes). Click Next.
    • The name of your institution should appear.  Email if you see the message: “Your institution is not currently provisioned to access this service"
  2. Confirm  your Institution
    • The institution's name should be listed as well as the service roles being added to your account. Roles are associated with each service in the WorldShare interface. They let you know what tasks your account can perform. Find more information on roles.
    • Clicking Not my Institution will allow you to start over.
  3. Create your New Account
    • Fill out all fields and click Create Account.
    • Username: Must be three characters or more, with at least one English letter. Spaces and the following characters are not allowed:
      •  < > , ; : / [ ] ( ) 
    • Password: Should be case-sensitive, and must be six characters or more, with at least one non-alphabetic character.  Spaces and the following characters are not allowed:  
      • ; : ' .  (the period is included as not allowed)
  4. Congratulations!! You can now sign in to your new service. Click on the button with the name of the application (or the suite it is in). You will be taken to your institution’s WorldShare URL. Sign in using the username and password you just created.

 Caution: Bookmark or write down your WorldShare URL. You will need to edit the bookmark to match the correct format. Use the format:

Best practices for creating an account

  • Each user should have their own account to allow for improved security and addition of other services in the future.
  • Email addresses should be an individual’s email address, and not an email address for the institution itself.

Once you are in the interface, bookmark the home page for future use.

Create, edit, or delete additional staff accounts

To create additional staff accounts:

To edit or delete an account:

  1. Navigate to the WorldShare interface > Admin tab.
  2. See the documentation on User management for more information.
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