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About RFTS

Find out how to Relais File Transfer Service (RFTS) is used in Relais ILL.


The Relais File Transfer Service (RFTS) is used to move images and files from one location to another. Most typically, RFTS is used by customers that use the Relais Hosted Service to transfer scanned images, attach documents, add documents through Receive FTP, and load files, such as Patron Load, from the local scanner or staff workstation to the Relais Hosted Service for delivery.

By default, the RFTS uses FTP to do the transfer. However, the customer can, if they prefer, request a secure option, i.e., FTP Secure.  

Start the RFTS

When the RFTS is running on the workstation, an icon Relais_ILL_Migrate_RFTS_6.pngappears in the Windows task bar. The configuration and settings for the RFTS are handled through the Relais File Transfer Manager.

On a 32-bit machine:

  1. Go to Program Files and click on Relais International.
  2. Double-click on Relais File Transfer Service Manager.

On a 64-bit machine:

  1. Go to Program Files(x86) and click on Relais International.
  2. Double-click on Relais File Transfer Service Manager.

Stop the RFTS

On the Windows taskbar locate and right-click on the Relais File Transfer Service Manager icon Relais_ILL_Migrate_RFTS_6.png.

Click Stop Service. This stops the Relais File Transfer Service and no new images and associated files will be passed to the Hosted Service until the RFTS is re-started.

 Note: If the RFTS icon is not displaying in the Windows taskbar, from the Windows Start menu, click File Transfer Service Manager to restart the service.