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Display of a request

Find information about the constant request information, request status, tabs, standard buttons and request history.

There are three components to the display

  • Constant request information
  • A tab or a set of tabs
  • The request history

Constant request information

The following information displays:

  • Request from your patron

  • Request from another library

  • Request Number:  Relais request number
  • Title:  Title of the publication, e.g., book title
  • Requested By:
    • For requests from patrons: the name and the patron ID
      • The patron name and ID only display if the patron is from your library. Staff from other libraries do not see your patron information.
    • For requests from other libraries: the library name and symbol
  • Submitted On:  Date the request was submitted
  • Need By Date:  Need by date if provided by the requester
  • Status Date:  Date and time of the current status
  • Status:  Current status
  • Notes:  Any notes provided by the requester

Request status

The current status for each request is determined when the request is retrieved as a single request or when the request is opened in the results grid.  The status depends on a number for factors, including:

Status Used when

Name of the current RequestFlow queue. For example:

  • Print Request
  • Scan or Update - Internal


  • not yet updated as a loan, or
  • no Reason Unfilled has been assigned
  • Reason Unfilled has been assigned but no message sent
Shipped Request has been updated using the Ship Loan tab
On Loan Request has been updated using the Loan tab
Sent Back Request has been updated using the Send Back tab
Returned Request has been updated using the Return tab

Request has been updated with a Reason Unfilled, e.g. Not on shelf, No locations found, and a message sent to the requester

Cancelled The patron requesting library has cancelled the request or staff has updated the request indicating the requester has canceled, i.e., assigned Reason Unfilled = "Request Cancelled (CRQ)"


When a single request displays or a request is selected in the results grid, one or more tabs display depending on the current status of the request.  

Currently the possible tabs are:  

Loan The Ship Loan tab displays when a request is in a Scan or Update queue, i.e., the bookband has been printed or emailed.

This tab is used to update a request when:

  • loaning an item or items to another library
Unfilled The Unfilled tab displays prior to the request being shipped/loaned This tab is used to indicate a reason for non-supply, e.g., Not on shelf, No locations found
Bib Info The Bib Info tab always displays. This tab is used to view bibliographic information from the request and to update it as required.

Standard buttons

At the bottom of each tab is a set of standard buttons.

Add Note

You can use the Add Note button at any time to add a note to the request history.  

  1. After entering your note click Update.
  2. To clear the note you have entered, click Clear.
  3. To return to the tab without adding a note click Cancel.

Display of the Add Note button is optional.

Patron Record

If using NCIP or eSIP and you need to be able to update the patron barcode in order for the AcceptItem message to be successful, then use the Patron Record button.

  1. After entering the new barcode click Update.
  2. To clear the barcode you have entered, click Reset.
  3. To return to the tab without updating the barcode click Cancel.

If you are part of a shared system, the Patron Record only displays for requests from your own patrons.

Configure Standard Buttons

To hide or displays any standard buttons contact your local Relais Administrator.

Request history

Under the tab or tabs the full request history displays.

  • To expand any of the lines in the history, highlight the line and click