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With some institutions switching from ILLiad to Tipasa, how do I make sure that electronic articles can get to them?

  • Because you do not know if an institution is still an ILLiad, Tipasa, or WorldShare institution, you want to make sure the Electronic Articles get to the site.  You want to know how to set this up
Applies to
  • ILLiad 

If you are not up to date on an institution, you can have a fallback of Article Exchange to send out the article.  Here is how you set this up in the ILLiad Customization Manager:

  1. In the Customization Manager, go to the SendArticleExchangeOnOdysseyFailure key.  If it currently has a value of Yes, you do not have to do anything else.
  2. If the Key is set to No, then you need to select Yes and save the change.
  3. You need to restart your ILLiad Odyssey Manager Service on your Web Server.  If you are self-hosted, you contact your Web Server Administrator.  If you are hosted by OCLC, you need to contact OCLC Support so we can restart the service.
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