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Why is it that the number of requests I have in ILLiad is different than what I have in WorldShare?

  • You are comparing the WorldShare and ILLiad Client and in Borrowing or Lending you noticed the number is not the same and wonder why
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are the different possible reasons why you do not have the same number of requests in ILLiad and WorldShare ILL.

  1. WorldShare only works with the WorldShare system, in ILLiad you can have external systems such as DOCLINE, RAPID, ISOILL, and Other so you may have more in ILLiad.
  2. In ILLiad you can route requests to different queues.  So you could change a request from Request Finished to Awaiting Request Processing and you cannot do that in WorldShare ILL.
  3. In ILLiad, Requests in Awaiting Request Processing and Awaiting Copyright Clearance will not have an ILL number yet, so they will not show up in WorldShare ILL.
Additional Information

As an example, you could see in WorldShare that you have thirty requests in Lending Considering.  In ILLiad, you might have ten in Awaiting Lending Request Processing and thirty in In Stacks Searching.  Of the thirty that are In Stacks Searching, you have twenty that are from the System ID of OCLC and ten in DOCLINE.  That would show you that the ten DOCLINE requests were not in WorldShare ILL.

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