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When in Borrowing in ILLiad and I am searching the OCLC tab, how do I get the most results when limiting by type?

  • You are searching for an item in OCLC to match it up with your item.  You want the most results, but when you are selecting types, you do not get any results.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here is what you can do to get the most results:

1. To get the most results from the OCLC tab, you should not select any type or deselect all types and search.  This will give you the most results.

2. In the Customization Manager, you can update the OCLCILLAutoLimitType key to No and save the change.

3.  Open up the ILLiad Client again and now you will not be limited by Type anymore.

Additional Information

When you do the search with the limit turned on, an Article limits the results to serials and Loans to books.  The results she found were for Internet resource and that is why it did not show up.  When you have No selected for the limit, then the full results will show.

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