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As a hosted site, how do we switch from ILLiad Authentication to CAS Single sign on?


You are currently using ILLiad Authentication and you want to switch to single Sign-on authentication with CAS. 

Applies to
  • ILLiad 

The process for changing over from ILLiad to CAS authentication would be to change to RemoteAuth Authentication.  This is an overview of the steps that will take place:

If you want to switch to a single sign-on so that you can use your CAS authentication with ILLiad, we require on the ILLiad Hosted sites that people need to use EZproxy as a third party to connect to your CAS authentication.  What you would expect about the process is that if you have EZproxy, you would need to update the Usernames that are already set up with ILLiad Authentication to match the Usernames you have for CAS authentication.

You send us a list of names in this format:

Old Username     New Username

adamsm               MaryAdams
smithj                   JimSmith

The rules about the list, you cannot have the same name twice in the same column or both columns.  The new Username cannot already exist in ILLiad.  If it does, then you would merge the old username to the new username.

We schedule a date/time when we will update the usernames.  We would need a week before you plan to do the update to send us the list of names so we can test and verify the script runs without error.  On the date we change the names, we would then change the WebAuthType from ILLiad to RemoteAuth Authentication.  It is best to test the connection and authentication process before we change over.  We can do a test during a slow time of the day.  We will change the Authentication type to "Default" and then have you log on.  If it works, we are ready to change over.  If it does not, we can do further testing and then change the WebAuthType back to ILLiad when finished until the day you officially change over.


Additional information

You would also need to Integrate ILLiad with your local authentication system via EZproxy.

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