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We are a hosted ILLiad site and our IP address is changing for our Network, do we need to update OCLC with our new IP address range?

  • You are a Hosted ILLiad Site, and your network is going to have a new IP address range.  You want to know if OCLC needs to be updated with the new IP address range?
Applies to
  • ILLiad

If your IP address range is changing, you need to contact OCLC either by calling 800-848-5800 or email support and let us know the IP address range.  We limit access by IP address.  Examples of IP address ranges are:

  3. 132.174.4.*
  4. 132.174.*.*

Once you have contacted us, we will add the IP address range.  Once it is added, you will be able to use the ILLiad client and you will also be allowed to access the Web Server.  So if you need to update your Web pages, you will now be able to access the Web server through the new IP address.

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