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My Rapid Manager service is not sending or receiving

  • You are unable to receive or send any Rapid Manager requests.
Applies to
  • ILLiad.

Here are some solutions that will help resolve this issue:

1. Restart your ILLiad Rapid Manager service if you are self-hosted.  If you are hosted by OCLC, contact us by contact OCLC Support and ask us to restart the ILLiad Rapid Manager service.  

2. If you are on a Shared Server, you need to follow the instructions on Initial Configuration: Enabling the Rapid Manager and go to the section on Shared Servers.

Additional Information

Here is the list of other services and what needs to be restarted:

1. ILLiad Odyssey Manager  - Anything working with the sending and receiving of electronic articles.  

2.  Connection Manager - Anything that works with the Updating OCLC or downloading requests.

3.  ILLiad System Manager - Anything dealing with email sending or receiving.  Also, if you made a change to a Server Addon.

4.  ISO ILL -  If you are using ISO ILL and requests are not sending or receiving.

5.  IIS - If you are updating your Web page interface settings, then you need to restart IIS.  If you are updating Web pages, you do not need this restarted.

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