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My ILLiad server IP address is changing and I want to know where I need to update my IP address for the Odyssey IP address

  • Your Web Server Address is changing and you need to know where you need to update the Odyssey IP address so people know the new IP address to use
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here is what you need to do to make sure the Odyssey IP address is up to date:

  1. Go into the Customization manager and look for the old IP address by searching in the search box. Replace the old IP address with the new IP address. If you are on a shared server, you will need to do this for each of your sites.
  2. Go to the Policies Directory because that is where your Constant Data Record shows the Electronic Delivery Location.  If you are on a shared server, you will need to do this for each of the shared sites.
  3. Update the ILLiad Contact information, so it shows the new IP address.
  4. Once you update the ILLiad Location, the next thing you need to do is update the OCLC Service Configuration and update the Constant Data Records.
  5. To update the Constant Data Record, you go to WorldShare ILL and then to BorrowData.   You will be at the Default Constant Data.
  6. Select the  Electronic Delivery Service choice 1 if it is the one you want to use most and click on the drop-down and select your New Odyssey address.  If not, go to Delivery Service choice 2 or 3.
  7. Save the change.  If you have other active Constant Data Records you are using, you will need to select them from the Constant Data Record drop-down and select the next item in the list.  Repeat Steps 6-7 until you have updated all the entries and saved them all.  You are done with the Constant Data records.
  8. Go to your Customization Manager and update the OdysseySystemID key with the new IP address and save the change.
  9. You need to update the ILLiad Odyssey Manager service.
  10. If you also changed an address for the ISO ILL, you should also restart the ILLiad ISO Service.  If you do not have the ISO Service installed or it is disabled, you do not have to restart the service.
  11. You will need to restart the ILLiad Client program on any computer using the ILLiad Client.

    To confirm your Odyssey IP, contact OCLC Support.
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