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Is it possible to point the SQL Alias Manager to two separate ILLiad Databases


You have two different locations you log on to and wanted to know if you could have them both in the ATLAS SQL Alias Manager.

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If you want to be able to log on to two different sites, you need to do the following:

1.  Create a folder under your Current ILLiad folder and call it something like ILLiad2.

2.  Copy over all the files and folders from the ILLiad folder except for the ILLIad2 folder into the ILLiad2 folder.

3.  Open the ATLAS SQL Alias Manager and Create a New Logon following the ATLAS SQL Manager instructions and calling it something that tells you which site is which.  For example, you could call it Logon2.dbc.  That would represent the second site.

4.  You will save the new Logon2.dbc in the New ILLiad2 folder.

5.  You already have a shortcut on your Desktop for the original ILLiad Client.  You will need to create a second shortcut to the second ILLiad Client that is under the ILLIad2 folder.


After you have this set up, you will have to do these two steps to switch to the two different sites.

1.  You have the ATLAS SQL Alias Manager open and select the site you want to go to and click on the "Set Default" icon.

2.  Open the Appropriate ILLiad Client shortcut to go to the correct site.


When you want to change sites, you need to logoff the ILLiad Client and then go back to the ATLAS SQL Alias Manager and select the other site and click on the "Set Default" icon, then open up the second ILLiad Client shortcut.

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