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Is it okay if we have two Web Servers pointing to the same Database?

Applies to
  • ILLiad 

It is not a good policy to have Two Web servers pointing to the same Database because of the following:

  1. If you have two servers of which one is a backup with the ILLiad Services running, then you will have some of the updates coming from OCLC going to the wrong server, so you will not see all the updates.  For example, you will not see an update that an item is shipped when you try to check it in because it was sent to the backup server.
  2. Another possibility is that when using the ILLiad Client, you deliver an article and you are on the backup server, it will be deliver to the backup server and when the patron tries to view the article, it will not be available to view because it was put on the backup server.
  3. Also, if you were on the backup server and updated a transaction as delivered, if you did not have the ILLiad services running, then it would not update OCLC.  You would eventually get messages on your production server asking if you received the item which would cause more confusion. 
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