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If I want the base URL for OpenURL for ILLiad, what do I use?

Applies to
  • ILLiad 
  • FirstSearch
  • WorldCat Discovery

The documentation for OpenURL in FirstSearch has the information you need for any Database link. 

Additional Information

There is a link for the OpenURL Configuration documentation that talks about what you need to do in the Customization Manager for the OpenURLMapping table. The field coming into ILLiad as: 


Determines the request you are going to open.  Here are the steps to find out which form will open:

1. You look at the ILLiadAction column for substitute:genre. 

2. Then, in the OpenURLFieldValues, you will see items such as Articles, books, etc. 

3. If the Genre=article, you go to the ILLiadValue column and find an entry that looks like Article:ArticleRequest.html. The first entry stands for the Request Type, the second field is Document Type, and the third is the Web Page that will open.

So if the incoming metadata shows something like rft.genre=article as part of the URL, then the Web Page that will open will be an Article Request. When the request is submitted, the Request type will be Article, and the Document Type will be Article. 

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