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I want to set up a Custom Holdings Group for LVIS in ILLiad, but I can only get so many symbols over because there are too many symbols

  • You want to add all the LVIS symbols to a Custom Holdings Group, but you only have some of them added through the ILLiad Client
Applies to
  • ILLiad

There is no way to do it through ILLiad.  There are too many symbols.  You can select the Profile group LVIS, and this gives you the latest selections from the current set up of the LVIS group.  Then the next time you need to use LVIS, you select the Profile group for LVIS.  If you still want to add the LVIS group by adding symbols, you can use the OCLC Service Configuration.  You would need to go to the WorldShare and Custom Holdings Groups.

If you want to add all LVIS symbols, you need to do the following:

1.  Open up ILL Policies Directory.
2.  Search the Group Symbol, LVIS
3.  On the top right above the list, in a blue box with white lettering, click on Display Symbols.
4.  Highlight all the symbols and copy them.
5.  Go to the Service Configuration and select the LVIS group and click on the Add/Edit symbol(s) button.
6.  Delete what is in the symbols currently if you have any listed.
7.  Paste the symbols you copied from the ILL Policies Directory.
8.  Save the change.

Restart the ILLiad Client, and now, when you choose the Custom Holdings Group, it should have all the symbols available.

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