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I am using a database that sends an OpenURL link to ILLiad, but the wrong form is opening

  • You are using an OpenURL link from a Database, but the wrong form is showing after you sign in to ILLiad
Applies to
  • ILLiad

The form that opens up after signing in to ILLiad is based upon the following:

  1. The part of the URL that shows genre={string value} determines what form will open up.  
  2. What shows up such as genre=article is matched to the OpenURL table and you go to the ILLiadValue column to find out what is showing.
  3. If it shows Article:Article:ArticleRequest.html, then that is broken down as the RequestType:DocumentType:ILLiad html value.
  4. In this example, the Request Type is Article, the Document Type is Article, and the Html form to open is ArticleRequest.html.
  5. One genre to look closely at is the genre=Unknown.  These are usually for Audiovisual materials, but sometimes it can be incorrectly placed in the URL.
  6. If the form that is opening up is incorrect, you need to check the incoming URL to find the part about genre and you might have to go back to the Database Provider to let them know there is an issue with the OpenURL link.
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