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I am getting a version mismatch message where it says my version of ILLiad is greater than what is on the server

  • When opening up the ILLiad Client, you are getting a message that the version you are using is higher than what is on the server
Applies to
  • ILLiad 

The message should say what version you are using in the message, such as, " is higher than the version you are using on the Web Server."  Here is the solution to fix this issue:

  1. To get the lowest compatible ClientVersion, go to
    • NOTE: Replace the underlined value with the correct ILLiad domain
  2. Open up the Customization Manager and search for "ClientVersion". 
  3. Update the key to the VersionClient from Step 1. 
  4. Save the change.
  5. Restart the ILLiad Client. 

If you have any further issues or questions, contact OCLC Support.

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