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We have sent the logon.dbc to a computer that installed ILLiad, but we need the Password for it to work properly

  • What information do I need to put in the username and password field of the SQL Alias Manager?
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Nothing needs to be put in the Username or Password field.  In the ATLAS SQL Alias Manager,  right-click on the Shortcut and "Run as Administrator." Once the username and password is in the logon.dbc, then open the file put in the c:\program files (x86)\ILLiad folder and Save it.  Then click on the "Set Default" icon.  A message appears that says the file is "Set as default" and where it is located. Choose"OK." The user should be able to log on to ILLiad.  

With ILLiad as the Username and no password in the file that was sent to another person to put on their computer, then they need to remove the Username and save it. Click on the "Set Default" icon.  What happens in the background is that when you save the information, and there is no Username or Password in the system, ILLiad puts in the Username and Password. The user would see the fields filled in with the first example above. In the second  field where they remove the Username, they will not see the fields change, but if they close the ATLAS SQL Alias Manager and open it up again, the Username and Password will be there. 

Information about this is in the documentation for the Atlas SQL Alias Manager.

Information on creating a logon.dbc file can be found at Creating a New ILLiad DBC File.


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