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How to update your supplier status from within the ILLiad Client

  • How to update your Interlibrary Loan Supplier status in the ILLiad Client
Applies to
  • Any ILLiad Library

Here are the steps for changing the Supplier status:

  1. In the ILLiad Client click on the system tab at the top of the Client.  It will change the menu across the top of the Client.
  2. Then click on the Policies Directory link.  It will open another window that will log you into the Policies Directory.
  3. On the profile tab the fifth item down is your OCLC Supplier status.  
  4. Change it from Yes to No. 
  5. Save the change. 
Additional information

You can also go directly to the Policies Directory and sign in using your OCLC ILL authorization number and password. 

If a site is asking why they are listed as being in "lowercase" in the holdings, but are listed as a supplier in the Policies Directory, it's a good idea to change the OCLC Supplier status from Yes to No. Then change it back to Yes again. Upon reopening ILLiad, the holdings should show them as an uppercase symbol.

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