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How do I fix and issue where I migrated the ILLiad Database but the services will not start?

  • You are on ILLiad 9.0 and you installed 9.1 on the new server.  You migrated the Database, but the services will not start.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

When you migrated the server, you installed a higher version than what you have on the old server.  Here are the steps you need to make sure you follow.

  1. You followed the instructions for Migrating an ILLiad Database.
  2. You will need to run the ILLiadUpdate.exe on the new Web Server so the Version you had which was 9.0 is now matching the new server you installed which is 9.1.  Make sure you right-click on the ILLiadUpdate.exe and "Run as Administrator."

After the update, if you restart the server, all the services should start correctly.

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