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How do I edit the phone number or email on outgoing ILLiad Email Templates?

  • You need to edit the phone number on all your phone number on your email templates
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here are the steps for updating your phone number on your email templates.:

  1. Open up the Customization Manager.
  2. If you are on a shared server, you need to make sure you are on you have selected your site from the NVTGC drop-down on the top left.  
  3. If you are on a single server, you will not see the NVTGC drop-down. 
  4. Go to Contact Information > Contacts > Local Info (table).
  5. If you are on a Single Server, open up ILL.  If you are on a Shared Server, you will see your NVTGC and you open that up.
  6. Edit the phone number fields for the Different sections on the record that you need.  For example, if it is only for Borrowing, you update the Borrowing Phone number and press the enter key.  If it is for all phone numbers, edit them all.  Then Save the change.

Now, any email that pulls the phone number from the LocalInfo table will be updated.

You can also do this for other fields such as the email address.

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