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How do I edit my ILLiad Web pages?

  • How to edit ILLiad web pages.
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Hosted sites will need to FTP to the Web Server.  Here are the steps:

  1. An FTP client is required to connect to the server. Here are instructions as an example for using FileZilla:

When connecting to OCLC using FileZilla with a regular FTP connection, here are the steps to follow for  FileZilla setup:

1.  Go to File and then Site Manager.

2.  Click on New Site icon.

3.  Under the General Tab, make sure the Protocol is set up for FTP - File Transfer Protocol.

4.  Put in the host address. Leave the Port field blank.

5.  The Encryption needs to be set for "Only use plain FTP (insecure)."

6.  Logon type needs to be Normal.

7.  Put in your Username and Password.

8.  Under the Transfer Settings tab, make sure the Transfer mode: is "Passive."

9.  Choose OK, to save the changes.

Now a connection to the ILLiad Hosted Web Server should be established.

Fors hosted ILLiad sites OCLC support may need to unlock the account if you have had several unsuccessful sign-in attempts. Alsocontact support with credentials questions. Please contact OCLC support 800-848-5800 or email support.

 2.  Self- hosted sites need to contact their Web Server Administrator for information on how to access the Web server.

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