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How do I do a batch update for the Users, Transactions, or Lenders in ILLiad

  • You need a field updated in the Transactions or Users or the Lenders table in ILLiad for many records, and you want to have a batch update done
Applies to
  • ILLiad

If you are hosted, please contact OCLC Support for help getting the batch update.  If you are self-hosted, please get in touch with your SQL Server Administrator.  Some examples that you might request a batch update are:

1.  For the Patron records, you need the Loan Delivery Method updated to 'Hold for Pickup' for all the Users.

2.  For the Lender records, you need the Article Billing Category and Loan Billing Category updated to Exempt for some of the Lender Records.

3.  For Transactions, you need the Username updated for transactions from one Username to a different username.

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