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Does ILLiad Support the DMARC Process using DKIM for EMail Notifications?

  • You want to know if the Email Notifications support DMARC Processing using DKIM
Applies to
  • ILLiad

The issue about setting up Email Notifications supporting DMARC Processing using DKIM is resolved this way:

They can make a CNAME record pointing to the txt record, which has the DKIM keys that they will need. This needs to be created by their DNS administrator in their domain's DNS records. Then, they need to add to their SPF record. The combination of DKIM and SPF alignment will result in DMARC compliance.  The selector in the DKIM record is illiad1.

If that is not possible then they can do the following:

1. The email was throwing up flags about the construction of the email messages being sent from ILLiad and our SMTP relay server.

2. The solution is to define within ILLiad the EMailFromAddress as so that everything matches with the “from” domain name and the “reply” domain name. 

3. Inside the email, you have a way to let the patrons know how to reply back to you with any questions.

4. The different keys in the Customization Manager to update are the EMailFromAddress and the DocDelEmailFromAddress.

5. Also, if you have any EmailRouting rules, you will need to update the DefaultEMailAddress to for any record under the ProcessType of Doc Del or Borrowing


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