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Why am I getting a validation error on the 040 tag?

  • A validation error displays on the 040 tag
Applies to
  • Record Manager 
  • Connexion Client
  • CatExpress

There are mandatory input standards for 040 $b, which is the language of cataloging field.  040 $b needs to be supplied for all new bibliographic records, including derived records.

  • Connexion client and Record Manager users can either add the subfield to each new record you create or add $b to your Constant Data record so it is provided on all new records you create. If you are cataloging within the United States, it is most likely that your cataloging language is English, so you will use the “eng” code.  If you are cataloging in a different language, use the Library of Congress code list for Languages to determine the code to use. 
  • CatExpress users should email any records that come back with a validation error on that field. It is important to include the OCLC number in the email.

Note:  This is the not the language of the item, but the language you are using for your notes and description within the bibliographic record. 

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