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What are the OCLC cataloging rules for full-level records related to ELvl "M" and local data?

Applies to
  • ELvl "M" and local data
  • Full-level cataloging

You are NOT required to create an authority record nor to control access points when coding a bibliographic record as full-level.  When you create a bibliographic record, you are expected to check the authority file and use the current form of each access point.  If your access point is not present in the authority file, you are expected to formulate the access point according to current practice. 

The intellectual act of formulating an access point according to the prevailing descriptive cataloging instructions needs to be clearly distinguished from the mechanical act of “controlling” an access point in WorldCat.  The intellectual act is often made unnecessary by finding the access point in the authority file; when it is, we strongly suggest that the access point be controlled.  When the access point cannot be found in the authority file (and so is not eligible to be controlled), creating a full-level record requires formulating the access points correctly according to the appropriate cataloging conventions.  We do have automated processes that control access points in newly added records if they are controllable.  When that happens, the OCLC symbol is added to the 040 string. 


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