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How can I edit a local holdings record showing incorrect holdings information in WorldShare ILL?

  • Need to correct the WorldCat Holdings information for WorldShare ILL or Tipasa.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Record Manager
  • WorldShare ILL
  • Tipasa

If you have many titles with incorrect holdings information, you may want to consider doing a Reclamation Data Sync project. If you have only a few, use the process below to update the Serial Summary Statement. 

  1. Open WorldShare
  2. Select the Metadata tab.
  3. Click the Record Manager button.
  4. Search for the record with incorrect holdings information.
  5. Click on the title link.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the record to find the LHR.
  7. Edit the Summary field just above the LHR list to the correct holding information. 
  8. Save the changes. 
Additional information

There is more information on editing the full LHR and building an automated summary in case you want to go deeper than the summary field. 

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