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Saved - In Progress

Search for a saved record

  1. From the Scope drop-down list, select Saved - In Progress.
  2. From the Index drop-down list, select an index.
    • Save File Number - searches by the number that was assigned to the save file.
    • OCLC Number - searches by the OCLC number that was assigned to the saved file item. New records that have not been added to WorldCat do not have an assigned OCLC number.
    • Title - searches by the title of the saved file item.
    • My Status - searches by the user-defined status that was entered for the save file.
  3. In the Term(s) text field, enter your search terms. The text field will expand to fit your search terms, if needed.
     Note: You can also enter an asterisk (*), which is a wildcard character that searches for any record.
  4. Click Search.
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