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Material Type names and codes

View the values and other criteria indexed for each category set of codes in the Material Type index.

These values are used when performing a command-line search in Connexion or an expert search in FirstSearch, WorldShare, or WorldCat Discovery. Limit a search by the material type search index by entering the index label and a colon (mt:) followed by the material type code — for example, ti:gift deer and au:hoover and mt:bks.

 Note: The Boolean operator should be capitalized in WorldShare and WorldCat Discovery — for example, ti:gift deer AND au:hoover AND mt:bks.

Here is how the tables are organized:

  • Columns in the tables show values or criteria indexed based on either:
    • The Leader, 007, 008, and Other criteria
    • The 006 fields
  • Each row shows separate sets of values indexed for each material type, having up to six possible sets of values.
  • Values shown are in byte position 0 (first position), or if values are in another byte position, the position is shown following a slash:
    • Example: 008/23=s (the value s is in byte 23 of the 008)

For element labels, see Bibliographic Formats and Standards or OCLC-MARC Records.