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Delete WorldCat holdings

Discover how to delete a WorldCat holding from a bibliographic record using the Text view editor in WorldShare Record Manager.


When you delete a WorldCat holding on a Text View WorldCat bibliographic record, your institution's OCLC symbol is no longer associated with the WorldCat bibliographic record. Use this action when you no longer hold the item or if you inadvertently linked your OCLC symbol to the wrong record.

If you have local holdings records attached to the record or local bibliographic data, the system also removes these items.

Delete a WorldCat holding on a bibliographic record

  1. From the Text View editor, click Record.
  2. From the Record drop-down menu, select Delete from the WorldCat Holding flyout menu. If you have LHRs attached to the record or LBD information, the system asks you to confirm that you want to remove it.
  3. Click Yes to remove LHRs, LBDs, and WorldCat holdings from the record. The OCLC symbol is removed from the top of the record.