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View authority record export lists

Discover how to view authority record export lists in WorldShare Record Manager.

View all authority record export lists

When working with authority records, you can identify records that you want to export and place them in sets of export lists that you can export at a later time.  Export lists are shared with everyone at your institution unless you enable the My List feature for that list. For more information, see Create an export list. Any export lists that have not been modified in the last 30 days are automatically deleted to clean up expired lists.

To view all authority record export lists, navigate to Export Lists and then select the Authority tab.

View a list of authority records for exporting

  1. Navigate to Export Lists and then select the Authority tab.
  2. Click the name of the list you want to view.
  3. (Optional) If you want to return to the all export lists view, click Return to export lists

Set a default export list

The export list you set as your default will appear at the top of the dialog when adding records to an export list.

  1. Navigate to Export Lists then select the Authority tab.
  2. In the Actions column for the list you would like to set as default, click the three dots to expand your options.
  3. Select Set as default
  4. A Default chip will display next to the name of the export list.