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Knowledge base data update 225, September 2021

Many of these have already been announced via the News area of the Collection Manager Community Center (password required) in the JIT weekly updates, but are gathered here for a more complete look.

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New collections

•    Provider: Adam Matthew Digital (amdigital)

Central Asia, Persia and Afghanistan 1834-1922

Provider: De Gruyter Online (deGruyter)

De Gruyter Journal Archive Package Library and Information Science, Library Reference 1826-2014
De Gruyter Princeton University Press Complete eBook Package 2019

•    Provider: eBooks on EBSCOhost (netlibrary)

EBSCO eBook Subscription Diversity & Ethnic Studies
Harvard Business Publishing Education Case Study (eBook Subscription)
Harvard Business School Select Case Study Collection (eBook Subscription)

•    Provider: IEEE (ieee)

IEEE Standards - 2017 National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) and Handbook Online
IEEE Standards - 3000 Standards Collection for Industrial and Commercial Power Systems
IEEE Standards - All Inclusive Information Technology
IEEE Standards - All Inclusive Telecommunication
IEEE Standards - ArcFlash Hazard
IEEE Standards - Digital Health
IEEE Standards - Electromagnetic Compatibility Standards
IEEE Standards - Local and Metropolitan Area Networks (LAN/MAN)
IEEE Standards - Nuclear Engineering
IEEE Standards - Power Distribution and Regulating Transformers Standards
IEEE Standards - Power Protective Relaying Standards
IEEE Standards - Power Switchgear Standards
IEEE Standards - Power Transmission and Distribution Standards
IEEE Standards - Software Engineering Standards

•    Provider: Oxford University Press (OUP)

Oxford Scholarly Editions Online Thucydides
Oxford University Press What Everyone Needs to Know

•    Provider: SAGE (SAGE)

SAGE Research Methods All Titles

•    Provider: Springer Link (springerlink)

Springer Business and Management eBooks 2022 English+International
Springer Chemistry and Materials Science eBooks 2022 English+International    
Springer Earth and Environmental Science eBooks 2022 English+International    
Springer Humanities and Social Science eBook Collection 2022 English+International    
Springer Nature Business and Management (R0) eBooks 2022 English/International
Springer Nature Chemistry and Material Science (R0) eBooks 2022 English/International    
Springer Nature HSS (R0) eBook Collection 2022
Springer Nature Philosophy and Religion (R0) eBooks 2022 English/International        
Springer Nature Reference Module Humanities and Social Sciences eBooks 2022
Springer Nature Reference Module Physical and Materials Science eBooks 2022
Springer Nature Reference Modules 2022 - Full Set    
Springer Political Science and International Studies eBooks 2022 English+International    
Springer Religion and Philosophy eBooks 2022 English+International

New cooperatively contributed collections

•    *** DTL OA University of Sydney Dissertation (religious studies related) (global.197115.163) – contributed by Open Digital Theological Library

*** indicates that the collection contains only open access content as defined by the provider. 


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