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Why doesn't the KBART file have the correct linking URLs per my settings in Collection Manager?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

The primary purpose of the KBART downloads is to give libraries a tool to make selections or changes to their data in Collection Manager. So when a library wants to, they can download their data exactly as it is in Collection Manager, make customizations to it, and then reload it so their changes will be applied. For that purpose, the URL has to appear in the KBART download as it is in Collection Manager, which is how the provider sends it.

The Title Link Formula is an instruction to take the URL the provider gave that is in Collection Manager and add an EZproxy prefix (or another proxy prefix) to the front, provider-specific settings, link scheme, database linking keys, linking keys, journal linking keys, or override fields. If the KBART download included the URL with this Title Link Formula already applied then unfortunately libraries would unknowingly load the whole URL back into their KB. Then their new URL would end up having the Title Link Formula applied to the complete URL a second time. Or, alternatively, libraries would always be forced to "undo" what the Title Link Formula has done to the URL before loading their KBART, which in some cases could be difficult to figure out what to remove and what to leave.

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