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Why aren't my Contract Cataloging files delivered in UTF-8 even though that is what I have set in Collection Manager?

Applies to
  • Contract Cataloging
  • I am experiencing broken diacritics in our MARC files.
  • Is there a way for the file to come to me as UTF-8?

The collection setting in WorldShare Collection Manager can be set to output UTF-8 characters, and a Contract Cataloging Partners (CCP) collection may still not be delivering records formatted in UTF-8.  That is because record processing for CCP collections is done outside of WorldShare Collection Manager. 

If a library needs a file format changed, they can reach out to the record provider or contact OCLC Support.  We work with record providers to request changes to the CCP record profile that is processing these records.

Note.  This is how to request a change to receive UTF-8 characters in future files. We don't have the ability to readily reprocess previously delivered files, so libraries should use MarcEdit to convert previous files from MARC-8 to UTF-8 characters.

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