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How long does it take for updates, deletes and new titles to be reflected in Collection Manager and Discovery?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager
  • WorldShare Discovery 

When using Collection Manager, you can ensure your collections are always current and up to date automatically, by selecting Maintain Holdings either at the institution level or at the collection level

Vendors will periodically update their collections, by adding or deleting titles and updating other aspects of their collections. 

  • When setting up Collection Manager you can decide whether you want to have your collections and holdings automatically updated
  • Set this at the institution level to set all of your collections to be automatically kept up to date, where titles are added, deleted and updated as they are released by vendors
  • When the vendor makes a change to their collections, an Activity History report is delivered to your Collection Manager. This can be seen under Activity History
  • Choose to either View the report or Download Detailed Report to see the details of the changes that were made to that collection
  • The changes such as deletes, new titles & updates made to the collections, should take affect & be viewable in Collection manager within 48 hours of the collection being updated. However it can take between 2-3 days after the update is released, before these changes will be seen in WorldShare Discovery 
  • If deleted titles still appear after this period of time, please check the specific record in Record Manager and ensure that there are no LHRs attached to that record, as they may be part of the another collection, which is selected by your library
  • If there is a LHR, delete this holding 
  • If you find titles in Collection Manager or Discovery that should have been deleted, as they were listed as deletes in an Activity Report, please contact  OCLC Support and provide the following details: 
    • Full screenshots of the titles in question in Collection manager and in Discovery (if appearing there still)
    • The URLs where they can still be seen in Collection Manager and Discovery    
    • The name of the collection and the collection ID where these titles are still appearing 
    • Screenshot of the Activity History report that displays these titles as deletes and the date of this report 
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