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How do I check if my Automatic Holding Feeds are being delivered?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

To locate your current Automatic Holding feeds and when last file from provider was delivered , you can check your Activity History in Collection Manager.

1. Go to Metadata > Collection Manager > Activity History.

2. Change the filter to filter by: File Uploaded.

3. Then check the Source to locate the provider you wish to find.

4. Then check the Status, if file was delivered is will say Completed.

5. If there was an issue delivering the file it will say Failed.

6. If you wish just to look for just one provider, use the search box and search for the provider (OVID, JSTOR, or EBSCO for example) and File Uploaded.

If your feed has halted or the last delivery date is some time ago, earlier than you would expect from this provider  then contact OCLC Support

Giving Support the name of the collections affected, the provider and current credentials being used.

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