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How can I have Collection Manager issue a delete record

  • I need a delete record issued from Collection Manager to upload into my ILS in order to remove that title from my ILS.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

We've found a record, or records, that need to be removed from our local system. We need WorldShare Collection Manager to issue a delete record for us to import into our local system to remove the title(s), how do we do this?

To trigger a delete record, you have three options within WorldShare Collection Manager

  1. If the title is selected within a collection in your Collection Manager, deselect it. This will output a record for you to download and process into your local system
  2. If the title is currently not selected within a collection, select it and let the system output the record but don't process that record into your local system.  After that record is output, deselect the title. Deselecting that title will output the record through Collection Manager for you to download and process
  3. You can create a custom collection, add any titles that you want to delete and have it output the records you added but do not process them into your local system. After those records are output, delete the collection. Deleting the collection will cause a delete record to be output for each title in the collection

*Remember, we only issue records for titles within collections that have OCNs. We cannot issue any type of record: Deletes, New, Merges, Updates unless the record has an OCN listed


Additional information

Remember when downloading files from OCLC for processing, files are only available for 90 days and when they are gone, we cannot get them back.

We zip files within a few days of posting them for downloading. You'll need to unzip the files before processing.  If you download the files as soon as we post them, even if you can't immediately process, they won't be zipped. If the files are zipped, you'll need to unzip them before processing and you may want to use a free utility such as 7Zip.

When you start to process, process in date order, if you have files for more than one day to process.  Start with the oldest date first.

Process your files in this order:  Deletes, New, Merges, Updates.  If we do not have a file for a particular type, you won't see it listed so if we don't have any merge records for us, you won't see a merge file.


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