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About WebDewey

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Access WebDewey

WebDewey is a web browser-based electronic version of the Dewey Decimal Classification® (DDC) system. You can access WebDewey at:

WebDewey provides functions to make Dewey classification and cataloging efficient and accurate:

  • Associations between Dewey numbers and Library of Congress subject headings as additional access points to the DDC
  • Access to many pre-built numbers that are found only in the web version, especially in the literature area
  • Awareness of the latest changes to the Classification via the frequent updates made to WebDewey
  • Easy annotation of the DDC with the Comments feature
  • Thousands of additional Relative Index terms as additional access points to the DDC

WebDewey database

The WebDewey database, which is updated regularly, includes the most current version of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC 23 and all updates since its publication in 2011), plus supplemental data. Major components are:

  • Records for Dewey entry numbers in the schedules and tables
  • Records for entries in the DDC manual
  • DDC Relative Index
  • Library of Congress subject headings associated with Dewey class numbers
  • For details on the latest update to the database, check the Dewey Decimal Classification Newsletter.
     Note: This is archived content and may include details or links that are out of date or no longer accurate.

Searching, browsing, and linking

  • Basic searching lets you search the entire database.
  • Search functionality includes limiting by index, combined-term searches in one or multiple indexes using Boolean AND/OR/NOT operators, proximity searches, truncation, and character masking (wildcards).
  • Browsable sequential indexes of DDC numbers, the Relative Index, and LCSH.
  • Hierarchical displays that show the position of each class number in relation to broader and narrower classes.
  • Extensive use of hyperlinks for convenient access to related records and manual entries cited in notes.
  • Links from LCSH listed in a record to the corresponding subject authority records.
  • Displays of the ten Main Classes and the DDC tables that enable top-down navigation through the DDC.

Dewey Decimal Classification Introduction and Glossary

Download the Dewey Cuttering software

The Dewey Cuttering software is available as a free download at Dewey Cutter Program.

Subscribe to WebDewey

A WebDewey subscription:

  • Can begin at any time and extends for one year from the starting date.
  • Requires an annual fee only; no per-use charges.
  • Is available on a single-user or site-license basis.
  • For more information and a subscription order form, visit Dewey Services.