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Create an entity

Discover how to create an entity in OCLC Meridian.

Create a new entity

Before creating a new entity, search for it to see if it already exists.

  1. Click the Create button to open the Create entity screen.
  2. Click in the Language text box to open a drop-down list and select the language you are using to create the entity. 
    Click in the Language text box to type in a search for the language you are using to create the entity.

     Note: The Language list includes every cataloged language. See Language of entity for more information.

  3. For Label, enter the name or title of the entity in the selected language.
  4. From the Entity type drop-down list, select the type of entity you are creating. See Entity types for more information and a full list of available types.

     Note: Work type entities, and all subtypes of Work, can only be created by OCLC staff.

  5. (Optional) If applicable, select an Entity subtype from the drop-down list.
  6. (Optional) Select the Fictional entity check box if the entity you are creating only exists as an element of a narrative work.
  7. In the Description text box, include a brief general description of the entity you are creating, in the selected language.
  8. (Optional) In the Aliases text box, enter any alternative aliases associated with the entity in the selected language. Add and remove aliases by clicking the plus and minus icons next to the text box.
  9. Click Create.
  10. The entity editor will open with your new entity.
    If similar entities are found, you can review and select an existing entity instead of creating a new one. See Similar entities found.
  11. Add any additional information as desired.

For information on editing the other sections of an entity, see Edit an entity.

 Note: For more information on which fields are required and how to create the most comprehensive entity possible, see the WorldCat ontology primer document.

Similar entities found

If similar or duplicate entities are detected when attempting to create a new entity, you will have the opportunity to review them for a match. A similar entity is defined as any existing entity with the same label in any language.

  1. If similar entities are found, the Similar entities found dialog will display after you click Create.
  2. Review the list of similar entities to determine if the entity you are attempting to create already exists. Click the arrow icon (ViewEntity.png) to open the full details for an entity.
  3. Select the matching duplicate and click Edit selected entity.

     Note: If you select this option, you will lose all current changes you have made.

    Select your new entity and click Create new.
  4. Add any additional information as desired.

For information on the other sections of an entity, see Edit an entity.