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View an entity

Discover how to view an entity's details in OCLC Meridian.

Open an entity to view

  1. Search for an entity using the search box.
  2. From the search results screen, click an Entity Label to open it in the entity viewer.
  3. The entity opens on the View screen.
  4. Scroll down or use the left navigation to view the entity's associated sections and information.

Entity view screen

On the entity view screen, all sections of the entity are hyperlinked in the left navigation. The main section contains the tabs for the entity screens (View, Edit, References, History), the Action menu, the entity details, and all entity sections.

1. Left navigation

Click Back to search to return to the list of all entity results returned by the most recent search.

To navigate quickly between the available sections of an entity, click on any of the linked headers in the left navigation bar. You can also scroll down the screen to see all of the sections and properties.

2. Switch between tabs

Click on the tabs to change your entity view:

Tab title Description
View A read-only display of all of the information that has been added to the entity.
Edit Opens the edit view for the entity where you can add or edit information associated with the entity. See Edit an entity for more information.
References View a list of citations for the entity, providing evidence for specific pieces of information that have been added. See References for more information.
History Opens the history screen to display a list of all changes made to the entity in chronological order. See View the history of an entity for more information.

3. Actions

Click the Actions drop-down menu to see available options for the entity. Currently, you can take the following actions:

4. Download entity details

Click the download button (Meridian_json_download.png) to save a .JSON file to your computer containing the entity's information and associated properties. See Download entity details for more information.

5. Copy URI

Click the copy URI button (WCEntities_copy_uri_icon.png) to automatically copy the entity's unique Universal Resource Identifier to your clipboard.

 Note: When linking to a WorldCat Entity, you should use the copy URI button (WCEntities_copy_uri_icon.png) to retrieve and link, instead of copying the URL in your web browser.

6. Entity details

This section displays:

  • Entity Label
  • URI
  • Entity Type
  • Description

7. Quality Score

The Quality Score banner contains a numerical score of 0-100. Click on the banner to view more details.

The WorldCat Entity Quality Score is defined by OCLC to establish the fit-for-purpose of a given WorldCat Entity. The Quality Score is designed to provide the user with a comprehensive, transparent, and understandable assessment of a WorldCat Entity’s data profile at a given time. Users are thereby assisted in making decisions about how to improve or correct that data. The Quality Score is updated in real-time as statements and claims are added, corrected, or removed, allowing the user immediate feedback on the impact of their work. 

The Quality Score is calculated based on a weighted system of two parameters:

  • Completeness is determined by an algorithm of  its metadata from minimal to full completeness and is scored upon those values.
  • Disambiguation is determined by the number and type of an Entity’s edges. Like Entities are thereby differentiated by their contextual relationships to other Entities.

8. Section title

Scroll down to view all information added to each section of an entity, beginning with Key Information. The sections and columns available will differ depending on the entity type and the individual section. For more information, see Entity types and Edit an entity.

9. Scroll entries

When a section has more than five entries, use the right and left directional buttons (Meridian_scroll_arrows.png) to scroll through entries.

10. View entry details

Use the View icon (WC_entities_view_icon.png) next to an entry to see more details about it.