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My Connexion client crashes when I try to run macros

  • After installing Connexion client 3.x, the program shuts down when you try to run a macro. 
Applies to
  • Connexion Client 3.x

The 3.1 version of Connexion client uses a different command construct when opening. Within each macro, every instance of CreateObject("Connex.Client") must change to GetObject(,"Connex.Client"). This conversion will run automatically when the client is launched, but the update process may fail before updating all of your macros. You can make the change to macros that missed it through one of the following:

  • using the Tools > Macros > Convert to version 3 Macro Format option
  • using the Find  icon in the Tools > Macros > Manage > Select a Macro > Edit to update CreateObject("Connex.Client") to GetObject(,"Connex.Client"). 
Additional information

There is more on this change to macro code

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