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Addressing issues with subfield delimiter symbol entry in Connexion using Ctrl-D

  • Some users have reported difficulty entering the subfield delimiter symbol in Connexion using the standard keyboard combination Ctrl+D
Applies to
  • Connexion client all versions

It has been identified that if Webex is configured as the phone/voice mail system, it utilizes Ctrl+D as a quick key for "decline call." This conflict interferes with the delimiter command in Connexion client.
To resolve this issue and regain the ability to enter the subfield delimiter symbol in Connexion, follow these steps:
Disable Webex Ctrl+D shortcut
1. Open the Webex application.
2. Navigate to settings or preferences and locate the keyboard shortcuts section.
3. Disable or reassign the Ctrl+D shortcut for "decline call."

Verify Connexion operation
1. After disabling the Ctrl+D shortcut in Webex, open Connexion client.
2. Attempt to enter the subfield delimiter symbol using Ctrl+D.

Note Ensure that any other running applications do not utilize Ctrl+D for essential functions that might conflict with Connexion.

If the issue persists, read this article.

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