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Create non-Latin records

Discover how to create non-Latin records using workforms or by deriving records in Connexion client.

Use as many non-Latin scripts as you need anywhere in a record, including within the same field.


For creating bibliographic records and/or constant data with non-Latin scripts using workforms (Cataloging > Create > Single Record > [format] or Constant Data), you can set an option to display the workforms with paired fields.

  1. Navigate to Tools > Options or press <Alt><T><O>.
  2. Click the International tab.
  3. Select the Include paired fields in workforms for multi-script data check box. By default, the check box is not selected. Workforms contain single fields.
    • The workform opens with paired fields 1XX, 245, 246, 250, 260, 300, 4XX, 5XX, 6XX, 8XX for non-Latin script entry (X = any valid tag number).
    • Each pair has identical tags.
    • The first of a paired field is for non-Latin script data.
  4. When finished, perform one of the following actions:
    • Click Close or press <Enter> to apply the settings and close the Options window.
    • Click Apply to apply the settings without closing the window.

Setting the option for paired fields is not required

You can enter non-Latin script data only or romanized (Latin-script equivalent) data only. You can also create your own paired fields and enter both:

  1. In a record, add a field and enter the same tag as the corresponding existing field.
  2. Enter the non-Latin script data in the first field of the pair.
  3. (Optional) Enter the romanized data in the second field.
  4. Click Edit > Linking Fields > Link Field or press <Alt><E><K><L> to link the fields.
    Let the client link them automatically when you validate, reformat, save, or take a final OCLC action on the record.

 Caution: If Latin script and non-Latin script parallel fields are not linked, display of records downloaded to your local system may be affected. You can set an option to get a warning before the client exports records with parallel unlinked non-Latin script fields in Tools > Options > Export.

Derive records

When you use Edit > Derive > New WorldCat Record or New Constant Data to create records from existing records that have linked fields for non-Latin scripts, the client transfers the linked fields as pairs for each field selected in Tools > Options > Derive Record.

 Note: Although the 066 field cannot be transferred, the client adds the field automatically to indicate the presence and type of non-Latin script when you validate, reformat, save, or take a final OCLC action on the record.

See About creating bibliographic records for general information about how to create bibliographic records.