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Connexion client macro tools

Find out what tools are available for working with macros in Connexion client.

The client provides the following tools for working with macros:

Macro tool How to open
Manager Navigate to Tools > Macros > Manage. The Macro window opens.

You can use it as a manager to create, edit, run, delete, and organize macros.
Organizer Navigate to Tools > Macros > Manage > Organizer. The Macro Organizer window opens.

Macros are stored in *.mbk files called books. Using the organizer, you can create or rename macro books, delete a macro or macro book, and move or copy macros among macro books.

 Caution: Prevent loss of data when moving or duplicating lengthier macros - For moving or duplicating lengthy macros, OCLC recommends copying and pasting directly from one macro to another using the macro editor, rather than using the macro organizer.

Recorder Navigate to Tools > Macros > Manage > Record. The Record a New Macro window opens.

After you enter a name and description for the new macro and click OK, the activities you do in the client are recorded as the new macro.
Editor and debugger Navigate to Tools > Macros > Manage > Edit. The OCLC Connexion Macro Editor and Debugger opens.

You can use it to create, edit, and debug macros.