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Find the syntax, use, parameters, return values, and an example for the LoadProfile macro command in Connexion client.
Syntax BOOL = CS.LoadProfile (sName)
Use to Load or create a user profile
  • For sName, enter the name assigned to the user profile you want to load, enclosed in quotation marks.
    Enter a name to create a new user profile based on client default settings.
  • LoadProfile is for users who create multiple profiles to catalog for different libraries using different sets of user options, local files, settings, etc.
  • The client installs with one (default) profile named MyProfile.
  • User profiles are listed in the Profile Manager window (Tools > Profiles).
Return values TRUE if the action is successful, or FALSE if not.
Example Sub Main()

     Dim CS As Object
     Set CS = GetObject(,“Connex.Client”)

     If CS.LoadProfile “HealthSci”
          Msgbox “Profile HealthSci loaded“
     End If
End Sub

What this example does
  • Sets the HealthSci profile as the default and loads the profile. 
    If a HealthSci profile does not exist, creates a new profile with that name using system default settings, sets the new profile as the default, and loads it.
  • If you have local files open, closes them. If you are logged on, logs you off.