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About user profiles

Find an overview of how user profiles function in Connexion client.

You can create and use multiple profiles if you catalog for more than one institution code and need to set different options and customizations for each. Most users do not need multiple user profiles. You are not required to create or select or use the Profile function to use the client.

When you install and open the client, the program creates a default user profile containing:

  • Default settings for options (for first-time installation)
  • Your customized settings from the previous version (for upgrade)

The default user profile is in a folder named MyProfile in the following location: X:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Application Data\OCLC\Connex\Profiles\MyProfile\, where X is the letter of your hard drive

It contains the following files:

  • The default MyProfile folder contains:
    • Custom.Keymap.xml
    • Options.xml
  • Other files are added to MyProfile when you use the corresponding functions:
    • TextStrings.xml
    • AppExclusions.Keymap.xml
    • UserLogonInfo.xml