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Change the description for an assigned user tool

Find out how to change the default description for an assigned user tool in Connexion client.

The client supplies a default description when you assign a user tool to a character, macro, menu item, or text string.

Example default descriptions:

  • Character Æ AE, uppercase
  • Macro Sample!CancelChanges
  • Menu Item FileLogOn
  • Text Test insert text string

The user tool description appears in:

  • The tool tip pop-up that displays when the cursor is over the toolbar button for the user tool (if you add the button to the toolbar)
  • The Tools > User Tools menu list item for the user tool.

To change either the default description or a description you have already change and want to updatefor an assigned user tool:

  1. Navigate to Tools > User Tools > Assign. The User Tools window opens.
  2. Select the category of the user tool for which you want to change the description.
    • Character
    • Macro
    • Menu item
    • Text
  3. The list below the Display Commands for Category shows the available selections for the selected category. Select an item in this list for which you want to change the description.
  4. In the Current User Tools box, select the currently assigned user tool. The Unassign Tool and Modify Description button become available.
  5. Click Modify Description. The Modify Description window opens.
  6. In the Modify Description window, change the existing description.
  7. Click OK to save your change or click Cancel to cancel your change.

The new description appears in:

  • The tool tip that pops up when you put the cursor over the user tool button on the toolbar.
  • The name for the user tool in the Tools > User Tools menu list.

The default description of the OCLC Four Figure Dewey Cutter Macro is Macro Dewey!FourFig. You assign the Dewey macro to a user tool and click Modify Description to change the description to Run Dewey Macro.

 Note: The default description is retained in the list displayed when you click List All.