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Start Connexion client

Find out how to start Connexion client.

To start Connexion client, you can navigate to Start > OCLC Connexion client 3.X or double-click the Connexion client shortcut on your desktop.

When you open the client:

  • When you first open the client after installing for the first time, the Choose Interface Language window may open so that you can select an interface language. Accept the default (English) or select a language.
  • Occasionally a New Components Available dialog opens so that you can download files containing small changes in the client configuration without having to install a new version. Click Yes to download the files immediately or click Remind me later to download later. The new components will be included automatically in the next client version when you upgrade. All downloadable files are placed in X:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Application Data\OCLC\Connex\.